Pot, one-handled; ?letters (‘O . .’) under base?

Watermark Pot, one-handled; ?letters (‘O . .’) under base?
Date 1540s (contemporary with other dateable mark in MS)
Location of use Ireland
Dimensions 65 mm x 25 mm
Chain-lines 16]-23-22-22-23-22-22-22-[4; horizontal
Position between lines 3 and 4, inner margin, across conjugate leaves
Process Canon EOS, backlighting; Photoshop
Source RIA MS 24 P 8 (752) pp 165-66 (top), 157-8 (bottom); this manuscript contains an important collection of bardic tracts. This is one of three different pot watermarks in the book. This mark is exclusive to pp. 155 ff.
Repository Royal Irish Academy, Dublin