Crown over shield with post-horn over ‘4 / WR’ [countermark: ‘IV’]

Watermarkcrown over shield with post-horn over ‘4 / WR’ [countermark: ‘IV’]
Date18th cent., otherwise undated but similar to affidavit of John Whittle 1737
Location of useIrishtown, Kilkenny, Ireland
Dimensions 115 mm x  50 mm [countermark 10 x 25 mm]
Chain-linessheet size: 370 x 460 mm; 20 lines spaced 23-25 mm, except lines 1 and 20 spaced 10 mm from nearest line
Positioncentred on lines 15 and 16 [countermark between 5 and 6]
ProcessCanon EOS, backlighting
SourceRecords of the Borough of Irishtown (Kilkenny): copy of part of oath of Portreve of Irishtown.
RepositoryRepresentative Church Body Library, Dublin: D11.1.1